What We Do

We provide an efficient decontamination service for offices, retail shops, and high street outlets. This includes the cleaning of stores, meeting rooms, open offices and shared workspaces.

Understandably, these workspaces often include both public and private areas such as waiting rooms, public and staff toilets, kitchens and canteens; all of which will be cleaned to the highest professional standard.
All door handles, taps, sinks, surfaces, light fittings and appliances will be totally disinfected and full documentation will be provided.

The RCS team are fully trained and competant in the sterilisation of closed offices and workplaces, which have been contaminated by COVID-19. We provide businesses with a fast and reliable service whilst always using full Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This includes:

  • Full body suits
  • Eye protection
  • Face masks
  • Hand to elbow chemical protection gloves

Our team will lock-down the entire premises and commence with a full and thorough cleanse. All surfaces will then be sanitized with an alcohol based, disinfecting solution, from floor to 1.8 metres high. Specific attention is paid to the following:
Touch Zones include:

  • All Handles
  • Light Switches
  • Printers
  • Screens and Base Units
  • Keyboards
  • Mice
  • Phones
  • Headsets
  • Filing Cabinets /Tambour Cupboards
  • Window Seals
  • Desks
  • Hard Surfaces
  • Bins
Sensitive areas, to include:
  • Toilet Blocks
  • Kitchens
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Open Communal Areas / Entrances

Each zone, area, or floor will be checked and verified for acceptable bacteria levels by use of a swab machine. With certified result of testing to ensure the full area is brought to the highest acceptable standard.

This is a specialist heavy duty approach to combat the Novel Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak

RCS provide excellent cleaning services, not only in offices and workrooms, but also in industrial units, building sites and uncompleted refurbishment developments. No job is too big or small for the RCS team who have over 25 years collective experience in the industry and specialist training in combating contamination in commercial spaces affected by contagion, such as the Coronavirius (Covid-19).

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